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Thanks For The Good Reviews.....

It's really strange but so pleasing to see the reviews of It's A Dogs Life on a site like Amazon. All the hardwork and soul searching it took to write this book is no longer just mine, the public have it! Its been very well received, and that in itself makes it worthwhile as people are clearly getting the point behind it.

Shameless plug now, but if you haven't already got your copy you can from:


Thanks to everyone for your support.

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It's A Dog's Life. The Book By Stephen Wylie.....

Abandoned by the people you trust,left on your own without the family you adore. Everything you've ever known gone forever. Surrounded by strange places and strange people. Your whole life turned upside down. How would you cope?

But every cloud has a silver lining and for this dog the emptiness is gradually replaced by new friends, best friends, all with their own story to tell, and perhaps all facing the same fate.

It’s A Dog's Lifeis an insight into the frightening and heart-breaking world of a stray dog – a Rottweiler’s view on life in a pound after he loses everything he's ever owned,loved and cherished, and his battle to try and understand why.

Written by myself, Stephen Wylie, each copy sold means a donation to SHAK.


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Scout In The Driving Seat.....

Frosty Morning.....

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Spot the helicopter.

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Look At Those Eyes.....

A stray found a bed of her own.